Sep 21 2014

An Affirmation

by admin in Blog

Affirmations are great ways to keep the
negative self talk to a minimum in your head.
Here is a great one from one of my friends
and facilitators. Enjoy.


The world is the mirror.
What goes out comes BACK. The more
I send out, the more will return to me.
What was it Jesus said?
“Cast your bread upon the waters, and they
shall return onto you ten fold.”
Ahhhhh. Got it!
When I give with one hand and take with
the other, I give only half of what I have
and receive only half of what might be
given to me. I so limit myself in two ways.

Somehow the universe responds to clear intention.
When I fully release a gift, it goes to where it is
supposed to go and what returns to me comes
when and how it is right. But it WILL come.

Dr. Z

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