Koren Specific Technique (KST)

Dr. Zebrowitz utilizes a variety of techniques.  She specializes in KST (Koren Specific Technique), which is a unique approach to patient care, and she is the only doctor in the Roaring Fork Valley to use KST! There is no twisting, turning, “cracking” or “popping” of the joints with KST; instead, you receive gentle, specific adjustments to your spine, extremities, and musculature.

Gentle yet powerful

KST is very gentle and yet very powerful.  Patients usually notice amazing changes from the first visit.  Your body will likely hold its corrections for a much longer time with KST, so you can have deeper physical and emotional subluxations (stresses) addressed.

How does KST work?

KST involves a simple analysis and a gentle adjustment to your body. Subluxations (stresses) can occur in your cranial bones, jaw, entire spine (vertebral) column, sacrum, tailbone, discs, hips, sternum, ribs, shoulders, knees, feet, hands, etc.  Dr. Z can find even the most hidden subluxations and correct them.   It’s amazing how a misaligned ankle bone can cause migraine symptoms!

In different postures

A major advantage of KST is that it permits the patient to be analyzed and adjusted in different postures: standing, sitting, lying down and even in the position of injury or dysfunction.   This is very important because sometimes a subluxation can only be observed when you are in a certain posture.  For example, if a person was in a car accident, their subluxations may only be revealed and completely corrected while they are seated with arms out as if holding a steering wheel. 

How should I feel after a KST adjustment?

Everyone is different but certain general responses have been noticed.  Many people report a feeling of ease, relaxation and well-being as their structural and nerve stress (subluxations) release. Often people report a “lighter feeling,” the ability to breathe more deeply and sometimes an emotional release.

Other benefits may be noticed, such as improved digestion and breathing. This is a sign of increased blood flow to the brain.  Some people may feel as if they’ve had a good workout, often in places they were never aware before. This is usually temporary, and soreness will go away. 


Will I get better right away?

We all want complete healing, and you and I will work together toward that goal. If you’ve had a health problem for many years, it may take time for your body to heal.  Remember: you didn’t get to your current state of health (or dis-ease) over night, so please be patient while your body is healing!

If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to call or use our contact form.